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The Founders

Life Long dream

Brothers Wayne and Frank Isom partnered together to purchase over 500 acres of property in Ripley County Missouri in December 1992. Fourche Creek Trail Rides, Inc. was established in 1993 with the first organized trail ride offered in September of 1993.

It was a lifelong dream to build a place where people could bring their families, relax, and enjoy what is soon becoming a favorite recreation of many. A dream come true for the brother�s who had been business partners throughout their life.


We were saddened at the loss of our dear Frank. Frank was diagnosed with cancer in December 1993 soon after our first trail ride at Fourche Creek. Frank lost his battle with cancer and was taken away from us at the age of 49 when he died in September 1996.

Wayne continued the brothers dream and began advertising the trail rides in 1998. The rides have been increasing in size and we see new growth year after year.

We would like to extend a personal invitation from our family to yours to come ride with us at Fourche Creek Trail Rides.

Hope to see you soon! If you would like to send us a comment email us at: